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Binky Bro Barney Patrol (Hallowed) Straw Sun Hat

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  • The Barney Patrol is a 100% natural straw sun hat.
  • Dried straw is DELICATE and can be broken if bent or smashed.
  • Straw hats are designed to protect you from the sun, but not from the water.
  • Water on straw hats will cause the straw to bow, expand, and eventually break. Avoid putting it in the pool or ocean.
  • The hat includes a chin strap tie that can be used to accommodate head size.
  • The Barney Patrol comes in an infant/baby, toddler, or youth size. 
  • Barney Patrols are  true-to-size based on the child's age. What this means is the average sized kid--about 50% on the growth charts--is used as the barometer for head circumference.
  • Unlike our traditional snapbacks the size isn't adjustable.
  • If you have a child who's age fits evenly between the ranges (4months-12months, 12months-3 years, 3years-6years) or you know is larger than average, it might be best to size up rather than to size down. 

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